Local phone service for Rural Barnesville, Abercrombie, Rollag, Colfax, Kent, Fairmount, Great Bend, Hankinson, Lidgerwood, Mooreton, Wyndmere.

Service Area

Red River Communications provides local telephone service to these exchanges:

North Dakota

  •  Abercrombie     (701-553
  • Colfax     (701-372)
  • Fairmount     (701-474)
  • Great Bend     (701-545)
  • Hankinson     (701-242)
  • Lidgerwood     (701-538)
  • Mooreton     (701-274)
  • Wyndmere     (701-439)


  • Rural Barnesville     (218-493)
  • Fairmount     (218-479)
  • Kent (218-557)
  • Rollag     (218-937)

South Dakota

  • South Lidgerwood     (605-533)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start telephone service?
Our company is a cooperative and requires an application not only to establish telephone service, but also to obtain information so we can pay you capital credits in the future.

Steps to Establish Telephone Service:
(1) You may complete the application and return it to our office or call or stop in at the business office to complete the application.
(2) If you haven’t had service with our company before, a simple credit check is done to determine if a deposit is required. See below for information about credit checks and deposits.

Do I need a credit check or deposit?

A credit check is processed with your permission and only takes a few minutes. You supply the following information for the credit check:
(1) Your first, middle and last name
(2) Your social security number or the EIN for a business
(3) Your date of birth


Depending on the credit check results, a deposit may be required.

The deposit amount varies depending upon the type of service(s) you want:

(1) Local telephone service – $50
This service allows you to place local calls only. Other types of calls are NOT permitted, including toll-free (800, 888, 877, 866) or operator-assisted (0+) calls. You are not able to accept collect calls.

(2) Local, long distance & 1-800 service – $100

This service allows you to place any type of local or long distance calls, subject to your own restrictions.

(3) Additional deposits may apply for cellular, wireless, high-speed Internet, or other services. Deposit amounts will vary.

Deposits are held for a minimum of one year. Interest is earned on the deposit amount in accordance with the state public utilities commission requirements.

After one year, your account is reviewed. If the account has had no 30-day balances, past-due notices, disconnects for non-payment or NSF charges, the deposit with interest will be refunded in the form of a check. Any deposit refunded in the form of a check will be made payable to the person or business whose name is on the account.

If your account contains any of the items listed above, the deposit will continue to be held until the account has not received any treatment for 12 continuous months. Interest earned will be credited annually to the customer’s account.

When all services are permanently disconnected, approximately two billing cycles may pass (in order for any additional toll charges to be received) before the deposit and interest will be refunded. Any outstanding balances or uncollectable amounts will be deducted from the deposit before it is refunded.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

I hear static when I make a call. How can I fix this?

(1) Check all telephone cords – from jack to telephone base and from telephone base to the handset – make sure they are not loose or damaged.
(2) Hang up all telephones. Make sure all equipment is working – answering machines, fax machines, Caller ID boxes, computer modems, and telephone sets.
(3) To check, unplug each piece of equipment from the phone jack and the electrical outlet. Leave everything unplugged for 5 minutes. Then try plugging in a corded phone. If you have dial tone again, plug in each piece of other equipment one item at a time to determine which piece of equipment is disrupting your service.
(4) If the problem remains, call Red River Communications to report trouble with your line.
– If you are subscribed to Wire Maintenance service, it covers any problems with wiring and jacks inside your home.
– A service call may be charged if customer-owned equipment is the source of the problem.

I'm unable to make a long distance call.

(1) Try using a different telephone.
(2) Call Red River to assist you in determining the source of the problem.

My dial tone does not work.

(1) Check all telephone cords – from jack to telephone base and from telephone base to the handset – make sure they are not loose or damaged. Check that all your computer connections are secure.
(2) If the problem remains, call Red River Communications to report trouble with your telephone line or Internet service. A technician may need to clear the problem because these services operate on different frequencies.

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality

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