Community Grant Applications

Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) Community Grant

Red River Communications is a proud to offer the FRS Community Grant Program to support local efforts.
The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) is a nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association to sustain and enhance the quality of life in America by advancing an understanding of rural issues.

This year marks the first time Red River Communications has parterned with FRS to offer this grant.
We are accepting grant requests from $250 to $5,000, with 10% of the total award coming from Red River Communications and the remainder from the Foundation for Rural Service.

Application Process
The Community Grant application is quick and easy. Applications are submitted to Red River Communications who then submits the completed application to FRS. The deadline for applications to be submitted is August 10. Funding will be awarded later in the year.

Grant application and information page.

Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) Grant Program Specifications

1. Contingent on RDFC funding, Red River Communications will award up to four $500 grants or two $1,000 grants to North Dakota entities or organizations within or surrounding Red River Communications’ service area each calendar year. Entities who provide services to North Dakota along with a neighboring state are also eligible.

2. A 4-to-1 match ($2,000 fundraising for a $500 grant) is required and documented through a signed statement confirming the fundraising match.

3. RDFC grants are available to community-based businesses or facilities such as an ambulance service, a fire department, a community center or recreation center. Community-based projects through service clubs and youth or school programs are also eligible.
– Applicant does not need to be formally organized as a non-profit, however, for-profit entities do not qualify for RDFC grants.
– Grant must be for a project, not for operating or ongoing expenses.

4. Entities may apply for projects that are underway, have not been started, or have been completed between the date of application and a grant award.

5. RDFC grants are awarded for a specific purpose. A grant recipient should contact Red River Communications if the specified project does not come to fruition or if the stated purpose changes.

6. Please attach another page to the main RDFC application form to further explain how the grant project will benefit or impact the community. Additional information regarding fundraising, project costs or bids, and any other pertinent information may be also including.

7. Completed applications must be returned to Red River Communications by June 1, 2021

Grant Application and Program Information


CoBank Sharing Success Grant Program

The CoBank Sharing Success Grant Program works with customers such as Red River Communications to provide grants to charitable organizations and causes in our local communities. CoBank is a national non-profit cooperative bank owned by the rural American cooperatives it serves. Through the Sharing Success Program, CoBank and its customers have together contributed more than $50 million to groups such as volunteer fire departments, local schools, and hunger relief programs.

Non-profit organizations and other non-501 (c)(3)s such as schools, government organizations and departments or agencies can apply. Use of the grants must be to benefit a community or communities who receive service from Red River Communications. Grants range from $500 to $2,000.

Grant Application and Program Information