Community Grant Applications

Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) 2023 Grant Program

Applications Due June 10th, 2024


The Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) is pleased to announce it has approved a 2023 grant allotment of $3,000 per member-cooperative, such as Red River Communications, to support community-owned entities, non-profits and community-based projects.


Eligible projects: community-owned businesses (café, grocery store, motel, other); community facilities (such as ambulance services, fire districts, recreation, hospital/clinic, community center, etc.); or community-based projects (such as school/youth projects, other) that benefit rural areas and lead to community betterment.

RDFC does not provide funds for medical fundraisers or general operating costs.

Matching funds: $4 dollars of other funds to every $1 of RDFC funds. That means the organization needs to fundraise at least $2,000 to be eligible for a $500 RDFC grant.

*Maximum/minimum grant amounts: The minimum grant amount is $500; the maximum is $3,000.

How to Apply

Complete the one-page RDFC grant application. Attach photos, letters, budgets, proposals, quotes or other items to show your project and document costs.

Be sure the section on the application listing funding sources either equals the total amount of the project or at least 75%. If it is 75%, include a paragraph on how you plan to raise the additional 25% of funds needed.

– List the amount you request from the RDFC grant as funds received as a cooperative donation.

Return your completed grant application to Red River Communications by June 10, 2024.

Mail: PO Box 136, Abercrombie, ND 58001

Drop off at one of our offices:

  1. Abercrombie Office: 510 Broadway in Abercrombie (8 am – 4:30 pm or use the outside drop slot on the north side of the building)
  2. Wahpeton Office: 7925 180th Ave SE, Wahpeton, the Beyer Insurance Building on the west edge of Wahpeton. 

OR Email:

Questions? Contact Donna Thiel at 701-553-8243 or email

CoBank Sharing Success Grant Program

The CoBank Sharing Success Grant Program works with customers such as Red River Communications to provide grants to charitable organizations and causes in our local communities. CoBank is a national non-profit cooperative bank owned by the rural American cooperatives it serves. Through the Sharing Success Program, CoBank and its customers have contributed more than $50 million to groups such as volunteer fire departments, local schools, and hunger relief programs.

Any 501(c)(3) charity is eligible and select organizations that are not designated a 501(c)(3) may also be eligible, as long as the donation serves a public purpose and is consistent with the purpose and guidelines of the Sharing Success program. Grants of $250-$4,000 are available.

Red River determines a donation and CoBank will match that amount.

Completed applications should be returned by email to, dropped off at our office in Abercrombie or Wahpeton, or mailed to PO Box 136, Abercrombie, ND 58001.

Applications are DUE July 10, 2024

Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) Community Grant

Red River Communications is proud to offer the FRS Community Grant Program to support local efforts.
The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) is a nonprofit organization that works in cooperation with NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association to sustain and enhance the quality of life in America by advancing an understanding of rural issues.

This year marks the first time Red River Communications has partnered with FRS to offer this grant.
We are accepting grant requests from $250 to $5,000, with 10% of the total award coming from Red River Communications and the remainder from the Foundation for Rural Service.

The application deadline for 2024 will be announced soon. 

The Community Grant application is quick and easy. Applications are submitted to Red River Communications – PO Box 136 – 510 Broadway, Abercrombie, ND 58001,  or email to, who then submits the completed application to FRS. Questions – contact Red River at 701-553-8309