Loyalty SAVES!

The more services you have, the more you save with our Customer Loyalty Program! Save up to 11% on your internet, digital TV, and cellular packages!

Wi-Fi That Works Where You Need IT

With FiberFAST WIFI, our trained technicians will OPTIMIZE your Wi-Fi where you need use it the most.

The best part? There’s no expensive equipment to buy or replace. We take care of everything.

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Our Spring 2020 newsletter is out with stories about working from home, employee milestones, and ways that you can stay safe digitally during the pandemic.

Our office is open to the general public for limited hours of 10am to 3:00pm. Please see our updated COVID-19 statement for updated procedures.

FiberFAST Internet

With speeds up to a gig, FiberFAST™ internet is some of the fastest internet available anywhere in the country.

Digital TV

No clunky dish or dishonest contracts.

Just local support and 200+ of the channels you love.


With the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, the latest phones, and our local experts – we’ve got you covered.


The reliability you’ve come to expect from your phone at a low price without the things you don’t need.

Customer Loyalty

The more services you have, the more you save with our Customer Loyalty Program!

New Fiberhoods

We’re bringing fiber to new neighborhoods in 2020. See if your fiberhood is next!


Buffering a lot? It might be your Wi-Fi router. Let us take care of it and end the buffering suffering.

Coverage Map

Find out what locations are connected to our fiber optic network.

Our certified gig-capable internet is fast enough for anything you can throw at it – streaming, gaming, ANYTHING. Now available without a phone line.