Some customers have reported being the target of a spear phishing attack being conducted via email. We’ve received reports that there is an email phishing scam currently targeting some of our customers. The email asks that customers resubmit their login information so that their account is not locked.

This email did not come from our company and appears to be originating from an address in Canada. I have attached a copy of this email so that everyone can see it.

Unfortunately, these attacks are fairly common place and nearly impossible to prevent. The goal of this attack is to gain access to a user’s email account and use that to access other online logins such as banks or other sensitive websites. Caution, due diligence, and a healthy dose of skepticism are the best for prevention.

If a user did click the link and enter their information into the phishing email, we are advising the following:

  1. Change the email password. Users should call us and we can assist with that process for accounts.
  2. Make a list of any accounts that may reference that email account (e.g. Facebook, banks, retirement accounts)
  3. Change the passwords on all accounts that could be affected. More than likely, they have not been compromised. However, in the interest of security it is better to be safe than sorry.