Fiber Build Progress for Central Wilkin County – B2B Grant Build Project

Project Update: September 20th, 2023:


We have encountered a problem that has delayed the fiber construction project in Central Wilkin County.

One of the requirements for the MN DEED Border-to-Border Grant is to have a signed permit to start construction from the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Over the last four months, we have contacted the SHPO office to secure a required permit. We still await the signed paperwork. Our contractor (Ripley’s Inc. – Erhard, MN) was ready to start work on September 1st. But, with these SHPO permit delays, construction was halted. Our CEO is personally working with the State Historic Preservation Office staff, but unfortunately, we hear about federal and state red tape holding up projects. And now it is happening to us.


This delay has significantly reduced our construction window, but rest assured, fiber internet is still coming. We are doing everything in our power to move the project forward. We plan to start construction next week (Sept. 25th) in areas NOT within the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office’s survey area. We aim to complete as much of the area as possible before the ground freezes. As construction crews move into your area, you will receive a postcard a few days in advance.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our office at 701-553-8309. Thank you for your support and patience as we move through this challenging process.

Project Update: August 31st, 2023:

We are still waiting on a key permit to start work. The Red River Team and our contractor, Ripley’s Construction, will begin work on the main line fiber construction as soon as we have that in hand. We will post another update as soon as we have a green light from the state of Minnesota to start work.

Project Update: July 10th, 2023:

Pre-wire appointments continue as we work to receive all the required permits to start construction on the fiber mainline. For residents and businesses that have not completed the paperwork, you still have time to get on the construction list.