Abercrombie, ND – Red River Communications has officially launched its FiberFAST™ internet service, with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. This represents a speed increase of nearly 650x over the previously offered speeds.

The launch of gigabit internet service corresponds with a continued build out of the Red River Fiber Network™, which spans Richland County in North Dakota and Clay and Wilkin Counties in Minnesota. Nearly 3000 miles of fiber cable have been deployed in the past 10 years to make this type of network a reality.

FiberFAST™ internet is available to all our rural members. It will be available in the cities of Hankinson and Lidgerwood this fall upon completion of a fiber network expansion in those communities. Additionally, all members currently on the Red River Fiber Network™ will receive an upgrade in internet speed for no increase in price.

Gigabit internet access allows our members to download HD movies in 7 seconds compared with 5 or more minutes on typical high-speed internet connectivity. It represents a game changer, especially for our rural customers, and eliminates the digital divide once found in rural America.

Red River Communications is a member-owned cooperative based in Abercrombie, ND. Founded in 1951, we focus on deploying leading-edge telecommunications solutions to our members. For more information on this and other offerings, visit redrivercomm.com


Contact Information:
Dirk Monson, Member Support Manager