Virtual Reality Kit

Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. Enjoy real 360° videos and the immersive world of virtual reality from the comfort of your home. Over 300 virtual reality apps on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for you download to enjoy thrilling virtual reality.

Perfect fit for everyone’s eyes: Adjustable focal and pupil settings for the best 3D experience, even for those who near-sighted.

Comfortable design with sponge area. Adjustable straps for ideal weight distribution. Extremely soft and thick foam is perfect extended use.

Easy to use – simply slide in your smartphone* and enter the matrix!

*Supports Smartphones between 4.85″-6.25″ width, 2.3″-3.8″ length and 0.29″-0.37″ thickness, does not support LG 4G & Nexus 6P

VR Head Gear Price: $35.95

Add additional accessories for a complete immersive experience.

Ear buds: $29.00
Power Bank: $15.95

Purchase all 3 items & save 5%: $76.85

Weight (Ounces)

Field of View (Degrees)

Cost (As low as)

Adjustable Sights

Ergonomically placed and magnetic button for extra control.

Wide Viewing Angel

Immerse yourself inside 360 degree videos and photos. Get in the action with the 102 degree wide viewing angle.