Kyocera DuraForce Pro - Rugged & Waterproof

Ideal for farming and construction
Kyocera DuraForce Pro
With Sapphire Shield™, your phone will survive falls without a scratch or crack.

  • Proprietary technology provides outstanding protection against impact
  • Second in toughness only to diamonds

With a built-in Super Wide View HD Action Camera, you’ll get better shots of all of the action.

  • Three camera options for photos and videos: 13MP camera, 5MP front-facing, and wide-view action camera
  • Can be mounted on handlebars, helmets and other mounting accessories

DuraForce PRO can handle every drop and dunk without a problem (or a case).

  • Military Standard 810G certification
  • Drop proof, dustproof, waterproof

It’s not just water resistant. It’s ready to dive in kind of waterproof!

  • 6.5ft/2m deep for up to 30 minutes
  • Underwater mode for all camera options


  • No Contract: $549.00

Installment Program

  • 6 Month Contract: $91.50 per month
  • 12 Month Contract: $45.75 per month
  • 24 Month Contract: $22.88 per month

Currently this device is on special order status. Please call our office to order this device. Typical delivery window is 7-10 days.


Screen Size (Inches)

Storage (GB)

Battery Life (Hours)

Hearing Aid Rating


Operating System

Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)