Google Chromebook Computer

A new type of computer for you to use!

Chromebooks are automatically updated, so you’ll always have the latest virus protection, along with the latest features like Voice Search. Best of all, your Chromebook won’t slow down over time.

No setup is needed. Log in with your Google account and your ready to get started. No more long load times, just flip it open and get busy cruising the internet. And with a long-life battery, you can leave your charger at home.

Chromebooks give you the best of Google. Gmail, Maps, Docs and pics safely stored in the cloud, so a laptop spill really is just a laptop spill.

Stop by our office to take one for a test drive!

Priced as low as $149.99

Screen Size (Inches)

Storage (Gigabytes)

Battery Life (Hours)


Includes webcam, SD card slot, USB and HDMI ports.

Perfect for all users!