Red River Long Distance

Rates starting at just 12 cents per minute with one convenient bill for your phone and long distance.

Your local telephone company can handle all your long distance service too. You can call more and pay less per minute with no hidden charges. Red River Long Distance (RRLD) offers a low per-minute rate, automatic volume discounts, and friendly, local customer service — and one convenient bill for local and long distance service.

Red River Long Distance is a service offered exclusively to Red River Communications subscribers. Choose a plan that best fits your needs.

Flat-Rate Calling Plans

These plans have a one-minute minimum billing, rounded up to bill in full minutes thereafter. Call plans apply to direct dialed calls placed within the United States. Multiple telephone lines crossbilled to a main billing number may combine minutes under one calling plan.

Per Minute Calling Plans

The plan will has a 6-second minimum billing, billed in six second increments thereafter. A flat rate of 12 cents per minute for both Intrastate and Interstate calls placed within the United States. There is no monthly service charge.

You only pay for the minutes you use, plus the cost per minute gets cheaper the more you talk! Automatic per minute discounts will apply depending on monthly billing amounts as follows:

Long Distance Options

Now you can track and easily sort all long distance calls simply using three-digit codes when placing calls. A valid account code is required to place a call.

  • Free set up
  • Receive a statement each month with a printout by account code of long distance calls placed
  • Easy dialing procedure – just 1 + area code + number. Wait for soft tone, then enter your account code. Your call will be connected.
  • No Charge! Available exclusively to Red River Long Distance customers.
Incoming toll-free calls aren’t just for business use anymore. Families use toll-free numbers for students away from home and for children calling parents long distance at work. Two different plans are available, with rates at 24¢ or 14¢ per minute.

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