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Thank you for being a loyal Red River Communications Digital TV service subscriber. We hope you enjoy your subscription to our simple and reliable digital television service. We’re committed to delivering the entertainment and services you rely on today – and the new experiences you’ll love down the road.


We want to let you know we are changing your channel lineup. All your favorite channels are still included but, in most cases, will move to different channel numbers. These changes will take effect on May 1, 2023. We have grouped like channels together to make channels easier to find. For example, all sports channels are together on channels 27 through 48, and all the news channels are together on channels 51 through 61. Also, we are adding two new channels – KNGF 27.1 BEK TV Channel 27 and SEC Network Overflow Channel 42.



If you have a Favorites List saved, you will want to locate your favorite channels on the new lineup and reconfigure your Favorites List to include the new channel numbers. User guides and video tutorials are available on our website. Your future DVR recording will continue as scheduled since the system uses network names and not channel numbers.

Get more out of your Digital TV Subscription with these features – Learn more:

  • Red River Digital TV Streaming– Instead of having a set-top box connected to your TV, you can use an app that runs on your Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or compatible Smart TV.
  • WatchTVEverywhere – Included with your Digital TV subscription! Stream over 70 of your favorite channels and shows, including live content, almost anywhere on almost any device.
  • Cloud DVR & Restart TV – Cloud DVR stores your recorded programs in a cloud, allowing you to pause and record TV from any connected TV in your home! Restart TV allows you to jump back to the beginning of most programs even if it has already started.

QUESTIONS? Our goal will always be to provide a quality Digital TV service. If you have any questions or there is a channel you wish to see added to our lineup, please contact our Customer Experience Team at 1-701-553-8309 or email us at