Red River Communications supports the general concept of Net Neutrality as it relates to “protecting and promoting an open internet.” The FCC’s vote to overturn the 2015 Open Internet Act (Net Neutrality) does not change our stance.

What does that mean to you? It means that we won’t throttle your connection based on usage, filter your content, or make you pay extra to use your favorite services like Netflix or Facebook. We’ve never done that and don’t plan to do so now.

There has been tremendous misinformation in the media and on the internet over the past couple months. Here’s what remains true for Red River Communications:

  1. We will not charge you more to access certain content on the internet.
  2. Your connection will not be throttled because you choose to, for instance, use a streaming video service instead of our Digital TV service.
  3. Your data (what you do online) will not be sold.
  4. We will continue to make improvements to make your internet experience even better.

So, what really changed in the past few weeks regarding the FCC vote? For us, nothing. It is business as usual for Red River Communications.

We’ve built our reputation on 66+ years of dedicated, reliable, and local service. We remain committed to delivering the fastest network possible to our members, while connecting our area to the world.