Local Broadcasters Are Demanding Huge Rate Increases

We are currently in discussions with local broadcasters to renew our contract for their networks, such as NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS.  Based on early discussions, some broadcasters are demanding a rate increase of more than 85% over what our members currently pay to receive these channels.

We remain committed to delivering you the best possible service at a price point that is fair. If we are unable to reach an agreement with the local broadcasters, it may mean certain channels could go “dark until an agreement is reached.

Significant network fee increases directly impact your bill and rest assured – we’re on your side to keep these fees low. We will do everything that we can to ensure that these needless rate hikes are kept in check. We do not stand for bullying tactics that hold our members hostage.

We will keep you, our members, informed throughout the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Dirk Monson, member support manager, at 701-553-8309 or dirkmonson@redrivercomm.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t you just pay what they are asking?

As a small, local business, we can thrive only when we deliver the best possible value for you from all of our services. We are actively working toward an agreement that does not burden our customers with excessive price increases. With the hundreds of channels we offer our customers, imagine the impact to your monthly bill if we just agreed to pay networks whatever they asked.

How much is this increase that is in the news?

Some broadcasters are demanding a rate increase of more than 85%. This increase is excessive based on their networks’ ratings and what the average American household budget can afford.

I pay a lot for my cable service. Can’t you use that money to pay for this increase?

Rising programming costs such as these affect ALL providers, including DIRECTV and Dish, and increase your bill every year. We absorb as much of these increases as possible, but are not able to cover all of them. We are working to keep future price increases to a minimum by negotiating hard for you with all programmers.

Could I lose a channel?

There is chance that certain channels could go dark until an agreement is reached with the local broadcasters. This is a last resort, but will use all the tools necessary during the negotiation process.

Where can I learn more?

Local providers like Red River Communications have teamed up to create TV on my side.com, which is a great resource for information regarding fee increases, why these fees keep going up, and what you can do to help control excess fees.