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Anyone interested in being nominated for the Red River Rural Telephone Association (dba Red River Communications) board can collect signatures on a petition and & submit the completed form by Feb. 16th, 2022. 

Three districts are up for election, with the following two incumbent directors are seeking re-election. 

District 3 – Colfax – Rhonda Erbes

District 6 – Mooreton – OPEN

District 8 – Fairmount/Hankinson – Ron German

Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month during the day, and directors are expected to attend at least two-thirds of those meetings.  Directors are compensated for meetings they attend.

Duties of the Board of Directors:

  • The Board of Directors defines expectations for the general manager (GM/CEO) and provides policies & strategic goals.
  • Attend and play an active role in monthly Board meetings (2/3 attendance required) with options for state and national meetings. The staff prepares meeting materials available on the company-provided iPad via the Board Docs app, prior to each meeting. It is crucial that board members understand this information and come to the meetings prepared to discuss and act upon it.
  • Each Director should make themselves available to the member-owners of their district, allowing them to voice their thoughts and concerns.
  • Occasionally, the staff will request participation in community events, company-sponsored events, and distribution/promotion of grant funds.


  • Access to NTCA benefits package
  • Compensation for meetings attended


If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Director, please contact Donna Thiel at 701-553-8309 or email her at for an application form or complete the form below for your respective district.


You qualify to be nominated as a director if you are: 

  • A resident of the Colfax, Mooreton or Fairmount/Hankinson Exchanges with telephone or broadband service in your name and a member in good standing
  • At least 18 years of age and have been a resident of the District for at least 90 days
  • Willing to attend 12 monthly Board meetings with options for state and national meetings
  • Not a present or past employee of the Cooperative
  • Not closely related to either a current Director or a current employee of Red River Communications
  • Not employed or financially interested in a competing business that is considered a conflict of interest
  • Not a felon convicted of a State or Federal crime