Don’t let slow wi-fi ruin your internet experience!

An old or underpowered Wi-Fi router will slow down your FiberFAST connection to a crawl. It can make videos constantly buffer and cause dropped connections all over your home. But, there’s a better way.

With FiberFAST WIFI, our trained technicians will OPTIMIZE your Wi-Fi where you need use it the most.

The best part? There’s no expensive equipment to buy or replace. We take care of everything.


Equipment called a router or access point converts your FiberFAST internet connection to wireless radio frequencies. It is a more efficient and convenient way of getting internet access everywhere in your home.


If you are tired of wifi signals that constantly drop or connections that buffer every time you watch a movie, FiberFAST WIFI can help! We install dedicated equipment and optimize your wifi to work best where you use it the most. This means no more poor signal on the couch or on the patio.


To get FiberFAST WIFI, you need a FiberFAST internet connection and download our Red River Connect App. We take care of all the necessary equipment and setup to get your home or business fully connected wirelessly.


It’s only $6.95 per month for our FiberFAST Managed WiFi.  For only $8 per month more you can add ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ, and a $99 one-time optimization fee*.

Our technicians will analyze the current wifi in your home and determine where equipment needs to be placed for the strongest wifi signal. Then, after helping you to download the Red River Connect App, they test the wifi to ensure it’ll work where you and your family use it the most.

It’s truly the best wifi you can get and the most optimized internet experience!

*Most installations. Some locations may require additional equipment for the most optimized wifi experience.

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