Faster Speeds

FiberFAST for Business has faster upload speeds for tasks like file backups and video conferencing.


An always-on connection with enough bandwidth for all your business’s devices, including printers, computers, and servers.

Business Grade

You wouldn’t run your electrical from an extension cord. Our FiberFAST Internet for Business is a dedicated, high-speed connection with front of the line support.

Prices and Packages- For Business

Your business will receive a $10 per month discount if you subscribe to a business landline phone.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Corporate Multiple Business Unit Rates

For property owners looking to include broadband internet into their rental agreements, we offer a specialty package that will allow you to connect multiple units/businesses into one service agreement.

  • Symmetrical 1 Gig Download / 1 Gig Upload service
  • One service per agreement – building owner/landlord is the account owner/member
  • 4 office/tenant limit – all must be in the same building
  • $100 installation fee
  • No static IP
  • $149.50 per/ month
  • Terms and conditions and acceptable use policy apply