GO FASTER: Speeds up to 1 gigabit!

A Gig - Really.

Our FiberFAST™ internet delivers speeds up to a gigabit – both up and down, making it the fastest internet around.

Low Price

Internet packages start at just $39.95 per month. No gimmicks – just a low price!

FiberFAST Wifi

Whole-home, worry-free wifi means your devices work where you use them the most.

Gig Certified

NTCA, the Rural Broadband Association, has recognized Red River Communications as a gig-capable provider.

Prices and Packages

Broadband with Phone Service (Phone/Landline Required*)

Standalone Broadband/Internet Only (No Phone/Landline Required)

FREE INSTALLATION with a 2-year agreement!

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

*Local phone service approximately $30 per month.

Now Available

  • Abercrombie and surrounding areas
  • Barnesville (rural areas)
  • Barney and surrounding areas
  • Colfax and surrounding areas
  • Fairmount and surrounding areas
  • Galchutt and surrounding areas
  • Geneseo and surrounding areas
  • Great Bend and surrounding areas
  • Hankinson and surrounding areas


  • Hawley (rural areas primarily south of Highway 10)
  • Kent, MN and surrounding areas
  • Lidgerwood and surrounding areas
  • Mantador and surrounding areas
  • McLeod and surrounding areas
  • Mooreton and surrounding areas
  • Rollag and surrounding areas
  • Wyndmere and surrounding area
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