The fastest internet – now with NO PHONE LINE required!

No Phone Needed

Now you can get FiberFAST™ internet at any speed without a landline phone.

No Data Caps

Think of it like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Stream until you run out of things to watch, not data.

FiberFAST™ Wifi

Whole-home, worry-free wifi means your devices work where you use them the most.

Gig Certified

NTCA, the Rural Broadband Association, has recognized Red River Communications as a gig-capable provider.

Prices and Packages




with phone line*


without phone line

Perfect for those who just need the internet to check email and general browse websites.

for up 2 users




with phone line*


without phone line

Stream and browse the internet at the same time without buffering or interruptions.

for up 4 users




with phone line*


without phone line

Most recommended
for families who have multiple people streaming, gaming, and using the internet.

for up 6 users




with phone line*


without phone line

Great for large families who stream at the same time and those who work from home.

for up 12 users




with phone line*


without phone line

A full gigabit of speed – perfect for those who need to move data quickly.

for over 20 users

Internet Acceptable Use Policy
*Local phone line is approximately $35 per month. Calling features and long distance are an additional fee.

Leave your Wi-Fi to us and say goodbye to buffering suffering.

An underperforming Wi-Fi router can make your connection slow to a crawl. If it’s been more than 4 years since you last upgraded your router, it’s probably time.

Add FiberFAST WIFI to any residential FiberFAST internet connection for only $6.95 per month. Our trained technicians will install and configure equipment to OPTIMIZE your Wi-Fi where you need use it the most – the couch, the basement, or even the deck.

Service Area

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