$85 off upgrade

Upgrade to a 4G HD enabled device & get $85 off the retail cost & finance the rest over 24 months, interest free, if needed!

Attention Red River Communications cellular customers:

As you may have heard, Verizon is planning to shut down the 3G cellular towers and all non-HD voice service later this year. This network is older with limited function for the new devices currently on the market.

When this happens, all cell phones that utilize the 3G network or devices that are not 4G HD voice enabled will no longer continue to work. This is will affect older devices such as flip phones as well as some older smart phones.

To ensure no interruption to your cell service, you will need to make an appointment with our Member Support staff to upgrade your phone, so it will continue to work on the newer expanded 4G HD cellular network. You can schedule an appointment for either 10am or 2pm Monday through Friday by calling our office at 701-553-8309 or toll free at 866-553-8309.

We strongly encourage you to address this issue sooner rather than later to prevent any interruption to your service.

During your appointment, we will help you

  • pick out your new cell phone
  • attempt to move your contacts and any other data from your old device to your new phone
  • show you how to use your new device
  • perform a full account review to ensure you have the best priced cell plan for yourself and others who might be on your plan

Please expect to be in our office for at least an hour for a basic flip phone upgrade or two hours for a smartphone upgrade. Smartphone customers will need to bring updated app store logins and passwords to make the data migration process faster.

Thank you for being such a valued customer for all these years. We look forward to assisting your transition to the new 4G HD cellular network. Please call us with any questions. We can be reached at 701-553-8309 Monday thru Friday, 8am until 4pm.

End of 3G Tower Service