River Communications is in the process of updating our Spam Filter for our email customers. This update will improve the email filter system and there are a few changes we’d like to share with you.

Effective June 8, emails will be filtered through the new systemJune 16 is the deadline to access your old “Friends & Enemies” list.

  1. To log into the new Email Filter, go to our website at https://redrivercomm.com/webmail, click on the New Email Filter button. You will now go directly to the login portal that looks like this:
  2. The “Friends & Enemies” list is now called “Safe and Blocked.”  If you have those lists set up in the old Email Filter and would like to continue using them, please log into your old Email Filter, verify your current “Friends & Enemies” list and add those entries into your “Safe” and “Blocked” list in the new Email Filter. Please call our office at (866) 553-8309 for assistance or see the steps below.
  3. The Email Filter link has been updated to https://spamfilter.stellarllc.net/. Feel free to bookmark it for your convenience.
  4. Your Spam Digest report will now come from this email: release-ctrl@spamfilter.stellarllc.net
  5. You may see more “junk mail” showing up in the form of subscriptions, such as an email from a store you’ve shopped at before. You should unsubscribe from these emails if you do not want to receive them.

To move your “Friends & Enemies” list to the new filter, follow the steps below. To copy friend/enemy files to spam filter, you can only do one list at a time.

  • Log in to the Personal Dashboard on the old filter at http://spam.rrt.net/.
  • On the Policies tab, select all items from one of the lists on the old filter.
  • Copy the list and paste to a new Note Pad document.
  • Save as: [emailname.address.safe list]   *note the space in safe list*  (If you have multiple lists to move, be sure to rename the file.)
  • Go to new spam filter at https://spamfilter.stellarllc.net/.
  • In upper right hand corner select user preferences from dropdown list.
  • Select “block” or “safe” depending on which list you are transferring.
  • Click on restore button (orange).
  • Browse to the folder saved above.
  • Click Open.
  • Select OK if you are sure.

Do this for each of your “Friends & Enemies” list and your lists should now be updated in the new filter.

We hope this update improves your Email Filter experience. Please reach out to us at (866) 553-8309 or email us at membersupport@redrivercomm.com if you have any questions.