FIBERFAST INTERNET could be coming Downer.
Make it happen by letting us know if you are interested!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will fiber internet cost?

We will be offering 1 gigabit internet for $79.50/month. Other prices and speeds will be announced later this Spring.

What will it cost to get fiber internet installed?

Installation will cost $100 with a 3 year agreement.

How can I get fiber internet?

The first step is for Red River Communications to determine if their is sufficient interest to bring fiber to your area. The more households that indicate they are interested, the more practical it becomes to get fiber.

Get your neighbors to fill out our “no-commitment” interest form on this page so that we know how many households are interested!

What other services can I get?

In addition to our award-winning FiberFAST Internet service, fiber also makes it possible to get Digital TV and VoIP Phone Service with unlimited long distance.

When will fiber be installed?

If there is sufficient interest from households in the planned area, construction would begin during Summer 2021. Customers would be connected and have access to fiber Fall 2021.

Areas highlighted in the map above are in the proposed fiber project area.

Proposed Project Timeline


Winter 2021

Bringing fiber to a community is a big undertaking. Before we can begin construction, we need to determine how many households are interested.

This helps determine if it is financially viable to build fiber in a particular area.


Summer 2021

Precision boring and plowing machines will install fiber optic cables underground from our central office to a box outside your home.

Construction takes place with minimal disturbance to your yard.

Connecting the Fiber

Fall 2021

A fiber optic cable is run from outside your home to an optical network terminal (ONT) that our technicians will mount inside your home.

This equipment is what provides your home with internet, Digital TV, and phone service.

Timeline is subject to change

Want Fiber? Let us Know!

Would you be interested in Fiber internet from Red River Communications? Let us know. This no-commitment interest form will helps us determine if you and your neighbors would like fiber to come to Downer.

Please note that this form does not mean you are signing up for service and it does not constitute an obligation to take service from Red River Communications. Not all locations will be able to receive fiber-based services.

What services are you interested in?

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Why Red River Communications?

We have been a part of the communities we serve since 1951. From the first phone lines that were installed in Kent to the high speed fiber upgrades in Hankinson and Lidgerwood, we have continued to push our communities to the technological forefront.

We are local. It means that our dollars stay local and that our profits stay in the communities that we serve.