Coverage Map

The areas highlighted in red on the map below are served by our state-of-the-art fiber optic network. All locations within these areas can get FiberFAST™ Internet, Digital TV, and phone service. These services are available in and around Abercrombie, Barney, Colfax, Fairmount, Galchutt, Geneseo, Great Bend, Hankinson, Kent, Lidgerwood, Mantador, McLeod, Mooreton, Rollag, and Wyndmere. It’s also available in rural areas south of Highway 10 near Hawley, MN.

We also offer a wireless-internet service called Ag Wireless for areas surrounding Wahpeton and east of Breckenridge, MN that are not connected to our fiber optic network. Ag Wireless is an internet-only service and is available in Breckenridge, Campbell, Doran, Dwight, Foxhome, and Wahpeton.

Services Available

FiberFAST Internet

With speeds up to a gig, FiberFAST™ internet is some of the fastest internet available anywhere in the country.

Digital TV

No clunky dish or dishonest contracts.

Just local support and 200+ of the channels you love.


With the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, the latest phones, and our local experts – we’ve got you covered.


The reliability you’ve come to expect from your phone at a low price without the things you don’t need.