You often hear us say that we’re a cooperative. But, what does that actually mean? How is a cooperative (or co-op) different from any other company?

Member Owned

You, our customers, make up the ownership of the cooperative. We exist to provide service to our members. You become a cooperative member simply by having local phone service.

Through voting, you have a say in how the cooperative is operated. We encourage our members to be active in their Cooperative by attending the annual meeting.


As members, you are the shareholders of the cooperative. That means in times of profit a certain portion of these profits are returned to you in the form of a capital credits check.

The board of directors elected by our members determines the amount and timing of such disbursements.

Community Focused

Cooperatives care about the communities they are from. Each decision we make has our communities at the heart. Whether it be sponsoring a school activity, hosting a community event, or providing support for a local fundraiser, we are in the community to serve.

We’re also continually reinvesting in our network and helping to make our communities great places to live.

What’s a Co-Op, Anyway?
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Cooperative Month Event

Each October, cooperatives throughout the country take time to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of cooperative businesses. Red River Communications is proud to be your cooperative choice for telecommunications services.

Join us for a FREE soup and chili feed at the Mooreton Community Center from 5p to 7pm on October 25. Our members, their families, and their friends are invited to attend!