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Smart. Rural. CONNECTED.

The area served by Red River Communications’ fiber network had the distinction of being named a Smart Rural Community by NTCA – the Rural Broadband Association in 2017.

Since it’s inception, only 69 communities across the United States and Canada have received this designation.

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What is Fiber?

Internet, TV, and phone were traditionally carried on electrical wires referred to as copper. While it was considered state-of-the-art at the time, copper was subject to noise and interference. Something like a rain shower could mean service outages. While copper could carry digital signals like TV or internet, it was conceived during the same as AM radio. It simply couldn’t handle the demands of today’s world.

Fiber optics (or “fiber” for short) is the latest communications evolution. Fiber uses thin strands of glass to transmit light at, well, the speed of light. It means a higher quality of service and expanded services like digital TV and gigabit internet. It also allows us to continue offering new technologies as they become mainstream.

Who is Red River Communications?

We have been a part of the communities we serve since 1951. From the first phone lines that were installed in Kent to the high speed fiber upgrades in Hankinson and Lidgerwood, we have continued to push our communities to the technological forefront.

We are a local, member-owned cooperative. It means that our dollars stay local and that our profits are returned to our member-owners. In fact, many of our employees live in our service area and are member-owners themselves. We are continually investing in our communities to help keep them great places to live and work.

We’re proud supporters of communities, whether it be providing FiberFASTTM internet or hosting community picnics, movie nights, and classes for learning about new technology.

our Communities

We provide FiberFAST internet, Digital TV, and local phone to the following communities/areas:

  • Abercrombie, ND and surrounding areas
  • Barnesville, MN (rural areas)
  • Barney and surrounding areas
  • Campbell, MN and surrounding areas
  • Colfax, ND and surrounding areas
  • Fairmount, ND and surrounding areas
  • Galchutt, ND and surrounding areas
  • Geneseo, ND and surrounding areas
  • Great Bend, ND and surrounding areas
  • Hankinson, ND and surrounding areas
  • Hawley, MN (rural areas primarily south of Highway 10)
  • Kent, MN and surrounding areas
  • Lidgerwood, ND and surrounding areas
  • Mantador, ND and surrounding areas
  • McLeod, ND and surrounding areas
  • Mooreton, ND and surrounding areas
  • Rollag, MN and surrounding areas
  • Wyndmere, ND and surrounding area
Connecting our Communities

Connecting our Future Generations

Richland #44 is a school district on the move. Thanks to progressive leadership, they are in the process of pairing each student with their own laptop or tablet. Our local students are able to access online resources both at home and school thanks to this initiative.

Prior to this initiative, the school was severely constrained due to inadequate Wi-Fi coverage despite each student having a digital device. Red River Communications partnered with school officials to blanket both district buildings with a managed Wi-Fi solution powered by our broadband connection.

Keeping the Pharmacy Accessible

Rural communities often struggle to attract and retain essential services such as pharmacies. Julie Falk owns and operates her primary pharmacy location in Hankinson, ND. The nearest neighboring town, Lidgerwood, is located approximately 13 miles away.

After the retirement of Lidgerwood’s pharmacist, the town was left with the very real possibility of losing an essential service. Attracting a pharmacist to the low-volume facility simply was not an option. Instead, we partnered with Julie and her staff to create a telemedicine link using our fiber between the pharmacy in Hankinson and the location Lidgerwood. It meant that patients who were unable to drive to Hankinson could still see and receive consults from a pharmacist. It was a key factor in allowing an aging population to stay in their homes longer.

A Community Partner

From Summer Fest in Hankinson to Aber Days in Abercrombie to Potato Days in Barnesville, we strive to be a positive community partner.

Each year we donate to numerous community-oriented causes, like the Wyndmere Archery Club. We also give back to our communities through our Common Cents program, which has contributed over $195,000 since its inception in 2008.