Cellular Frequently Asked Questions

A Member Support Specialist can answer questions about your specific situation but below are general answers found to most situations.

Activation FAQ

What kind of coverage does Red River offer?

We use the same towers as the nation’s largest 4G LTE wireless network provider for the best coast to coast coverage.

Can I keep my current cell phone number if I switch to Red River Cellular?

Yes, most customers can keep their existing cell phone number through a process call porting. You will need to provide a copy of your last bill and account PIN code to port your existing cell phone number to our service. You may also call our office to verify the availability of your number prior to the port.

Can I use my current phone on Red River Cellular?

Typically, unlocked Verizon 4G HD devices will work on our network. We can verify the ESN/MEID to see if it is compatible with our network prior to activation.

Do I need to come into the office to switch to a new phone?

If you are a current Red River cellular customer then no. Simply remove the white SIM card from your old device, place it in the new device and power it on. This will move your cell number to the new phone, but all your contacts and other data will still be on the old device. You may need to schedule an appointment with a Member Support Specialist to move the information from your old device to the new device if you cannot do it yourself.

If you are a new Red River cellular customer, then we prefer you schedule a time to come into the office to make the transition to our service. This will ensure the easiest transition, but we can work with you over the phone and through mail if you cannot make it to our office in Abercrombie.

Plan to be in our office for about an hour to activate a flip phone, 2 hours to activate a smartphone. During this time, you may pick out a new device, activate/port your number, receive training on your new device and we will attempt to move the information from the old device to the new one for you. You will need to bring all your device passcodes and store passwords to make the migration of data go swiftly.

Can I purchase a new phone and make monthly payments?

Yes, Red River offers a device installment plan. This program offers a zero-interest payment plan to pay over 6, 12 or 24 months that is billed on your monthly Red River bill to qualifying customers.

Do I have to sign a contract?

If you pay for your device in full or keep your own device and do not participate in any promotions, then it’s possible to have Red River Cellular service without a contract.

What are the early termination fees?

An early termination fee of $20 per month remaining in the contract term, up to $480 per line, will apply for early cancellation. The amount of termination fee is based on the number of months remaining on the contract. Any promotional credit will be charged back to you at full amount if this contract is terminated before the expiration date. Any remaining device installments must be paid in full prior to termination.

Usage FAQ

When does my plan’s limit reset?

All cellular plans reset to zero on 17th of each month.

How do I find out what my usage is?

Text alerts are sent to notify customers when usage levels of 75%, 90% and over-the-plan limits have been reached. Visit our website at redrivercomm.com/cellular/check-usage/ or call our office and speak to a Member Support Specialist to check specific usage amounts.

How much will I be charged if I go over my limit?

Data overage is $15 per gigabyte; voice overage is $.15 per minute; text overage is $.05 per message (in/out); standard text messaging rates without a texting package is $.10 per message (in/out). Directory assistance calls are billed at $1.50 per call (minute usage applies).

Can I change my plan?

Yes. You can change the rate plan at any time with no additional charges. The change will be effective immediately and can be prorated to the beginning of the current bill cycle to avoid any overages.

How much data do I need?

This varies per person based on device, usage and apps but typical recommendation is 2GB per smartphone user.

Note: An average 1-minute video call uses about 6 – 8 MB of data. The actual data consumption of your video call may vary.

Do any plans include free nights and weekends?

Most newer plans include unlimited talk plans but some of the older plans have limited talk time. Peak talk plans include free weekend & nights beginning at 7pm, ending at 5:59am. Peak talk plans include free RRC cellular mobile to mobile minutes. Anytime talk plans do not include free nights & weekends.

Does Red River have an international plan?

There are options to use your device internationally with each country having a different rate. Please call our office to discuss the rates and set up international access prior to your trip.

Features FAQ

Do you offer Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, but your device must support this feature in order to utilize it.

Can I use my device as a hotspot?

Yes, but your device must support this feature in order to utilize it.

How do I access voicemail?

If you have a flip phone, dial *86, press Send and enter your PIN code. If you have a smartphone, use the Visual Voicemail app to access voicemail messages or dial *86 for traditional voicemail.