Red River Communications Cellular

We partner with the largest cell network in the country to give you unparalleled coverage, as well as access to the latest devices like Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone.

The Best Coverage – Anywhere.

We’re backed by the largest 4G LTE network in America.

That means that no matter whether you’re in Abercrombie or Albuquerque, you’ll have coverage.

The Latest Phones

We carry all the latest phones from Google, Apple, Samsung and more. Oh, and did we mention you can get a new smart phone starting around $35/month? Not too bad.

Choose your INDIVIDUAL Plan

Pick your plan with a few minutes or a lot of minutes with a little bit of data, a lot of data or no data! 


Basic 250
250 Minutes
0 Texts
0 Data

Basic Unlimited
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
500MB Data


Unlimited 5GB
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
5GB Data

Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Data

Peak minute plans include free nights and weekends, starting at 7 pm and ending at 5:59 am; anytime minute plans do not include free nights and weekends. Unlimited data plan speeds for smartphone lines will be reduced after 22 GBs of consumption to a speed of 64 KBPS.


Choose your SIMPLE SHARED Plan

Pick your data, pick your devices. Each plan comes with unlimited minutes and texting.

per phone per month
per tablet per month
per hot spot per month


Get unlimited data*, unlimited talk, and unlimited texting.

It’s like an all you can eat buffet for your phone!

as low as $45 per phone line for up to 10 lines*

*Multiple unlimited data plan options available based on video streaming, quality mobile hotspot, speeds and data throttling thresholds. Data is throttled to lower speeds after 22GB of usage (per phone line) or 10GB of usage (per hot spots). 4G LTE high definition compatible devices are required. Call for more information.

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