FiberFAST ™ Internet is coming to Campbell in 2021!

Soon you’ll have access to FiberFAST internet with speeds up 1 gigabit, digital TV with over 100 channels, and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone service with unlimited long distance.

Services Available with Fiber

FiberFAST Internet

With speeds up to a gig and unlimited data caps, you’ll have plenty of speed to stream, work, learn, and play.

Digital TV

TV that works without a dish and no matter the weather.

VoIP Phone

Keep your same phone number and get great features like UNLIMITED long distance.

Pricing and Speeds


100Mbps Download/100Mbps Upload


Perfect for those who just need the internet to check email and general browse websites.


250Mbps Download/250Mbps Upload


Streaming multiple HD movies and television at the same time. Boost your online gaming advantage with reliable connectivity.


1000Mbps Download/1000Mbps Upload


Most recommended For streaming
This is the perfect speed for those families who are always connected!

What You Can Expect in your fiberhood


Precision boring and plowing machines will install fiber optic cables underground from our central office to a box outside your home.

Construction takes place with minimal disturbance to your yard.

Connecting the Fiber

A fiber optic cable is run from outside your home to an optical network terminal (ONT) that our technicians will mount inside your home.

This equipment is what provides your home with internet, Digital TV, and phone service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this affect existing Ag Wireless customers in Campbell?

If you already have our Ag Wireless service and live in the City of Campbell, you will be among the first to be connected to fiber. Once fiber is completed, Ag Wireless will no longe be offered in the City of Campbell.

What will fiber mean for me?

Red River Communications is expecting to start a fiber-to-the-premise project in the Summer of 2021. This high-speed option rivals many large cities, enabling residents unparalleled ability to work, learn, and play online at speeds exceeding many gigabits per second.

How do I signup?

More information on signup and construction will be released in the Spring 2021.

Why Red River Communications?

We have been a part of the communities we serve since 1951. From the first phone lines that were installed in Kent to the high speed fiber upgrades in Hankinson and Lidgerwood, we have continued to push our communities to the technological forefront.

We are local. It means that our dollars stay local and that our profits stay in the communities that we serve.

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