Here. There. CONNECTED.

From Dwight to Campbell and all points in between, we’re connecting farms, businesses, and family to the internet in Richland County, North Dakota and Wilkin County in Minnesota.

We’ve recently upgraded our network to provide you faster speeds at lower prices. Existing subscribers will see their speeds increase in the coming weeks.

NO data caps. NO equipment to buy. Better than ever.

BISON FOOTBALL: Today's Bison game is available exclusively on ESPN3, which is free to all FiberFAST internet customers even if you do not have Digital TV service. Read more about watching the game



Our Ag Wireless network of radio towers transmits the internet signal wirelessly to a fixed-location wireless receiver that is installed outside of your home. Depending on location, the wireless receiver may be mounted on a pole or other elevated surface.

The wireless receiver then connects to a router in your home, allowing your computers and other internet-enabled devices to receive internet access through WIFI.


Our wireless internet coverage includes portions of Richland County in North Dakota, and parts of Clay & Wilkin counties in Minnesota.

The area in gray is our coverage area. Actual service availability depends on topography, trees, and other obstructions. A site survey is needed to confirm service and speed availability.

High-Speed Wireless Internet service is available in the following areas:

  • Breckenridge, MN and surrounding area
  • Campbell, MN and surrounding area
  • Doran, MN and surrounding area
  • Dwight, ND and surrounding area
  • Foxhome, MN and surrounding area
  • Wahpeton, ND and surrounding area


Whether you need a connection to check Facebook or stream the latest movie, we’ve got you covered. All our connections are uncapped meaning you can use as much bandwidth as you want unlike satellite or cellular providers. There’s no hidden fees or equipment rental charges.

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