Press and Media Releases

Customer Loyalty Program Launched

Red River Communications launched its new Customer Loyalty Program today. The new program aims to put members in full control over the communications services they want while simplifying the process.

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AMC Deal Reached

We are happy to report that a mutually agreeable deal with AMC Networks was reached over the weekend. We sincerely appreciate our members’ patience as we worked through this matter. Your support was crucial during negotiations.

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AMC Demanding Huge Rate Hikes

We are currently in discussions with AMC Networks to renew our contract for their networks, such as AMC and WE tv. AMC is demanding a rate increase of more than 350% over what our members currently pay to receive these channels. They are also demanding that we launch...

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Red River Communications Brings Digital TV to Hankinson

Hankinson, ND – Red River Communications is bringing state-of-the-art digital TV service to Hankinson in October.

The new digital TV service is possible due to the continued investment into our communities. The launch of this service marks the completion of a long-awaited fiber optic network upgrade in the city of Hankinson.

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Abercrombie Little Free Library Opens August 27

Abercrombie, ND – Finding a good book is about to get easier for some rural residents in Richland County. The city of Abercrombie is about to get its first Little Free Library giving people in the community easier access to reading material.

The Abercrombie Little Free Library’s grand opening is Thursday, August 27th at 3pm located at 510 Broadway in Abercrombie, North Dakota.

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Red River Communications Launches FiberFAST™ Gigabit Internet

Abercrombie, ND – Red River Communications has officially launched its FiberFAST™ internet service, with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. This represents a speed increase of nearly 650x over the previously offered speeds.

The launch of gigabit internet service corresponds with a continued build out of the Red River Fiber Network™, which spans Richland County in North Dakota and Clay and Wilkin Counties in Minnesota. Nearly 3000 miles of fiber cable have been deployed in the past 10 years to make this type of network a reality.

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