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To get started, choose the application that is most suitable for your service area. Fill out and submit the application online. Our Customer Experience team will review your selections and initiate the process to get you connected. In case you have any doubts or need assistance in selecting the right form, please feel free to call us at 701-553-8309.

Residential FiberFAST Internet – Cooperative Area

Cooperative Areas include the communities of:
Abercrombie, Barnesville (Rural), Barney, Colfax, Fairmount, Galchutt, Geneseo, Great Bend, Hankinson, Hawley (Rural), Kent, Lidgerwood, Mantador, McCauleyville, McLeod, Mooreton, Rollag, and Wyndmere.

Residential FiberFAST Internet – Expansion Areas

Red River Communications is expanding our fiber internet services into the following communities: Boutin Addition (Hawley), Campbell, Riverview Country Estates (Hawley), Rural Wilkin County, Winnipeg Junction (Hawley), Wahpeton РND, and Breckenridge РMN. Select the form that applies to your service area below. 

FiberFAST Business Services

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Every business has its own unique requirements and we understand that. That’s why we don’t believe in offering a one-size-fits-all solution. To get started with a customized solution that meets your business needs, simply fill out the online form provided in the link below or call our office at 701-553-8309.

Our business sales experts will then get in touch with you and provide you with a tailored quote. So, contact us today and let’s start working together to help you achieve your business objectives.

 Miscellaneous Forms

*If you are not a current member and wish to have phone service, you will also need to complete the separate Red River Rural Telephone Association Membership Application paperwork.
**CPNI Profile must be filled out when adding new services.