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Say goodbye to bundles! The more services you have, the more you save. Save up to 11% with phone, digital TV, internet and cellular.


Cellular$0.00 per month

Each plan comes with unlimited texting and minutes.

1GB ($30.00/month)
3GB ($45.00/month)
6GB ($60.00/month)
12GB ($80.00/month)
Unlimited ($100.00/month)
Number of Cell Phones Number of Tablets Number of Hot Spots

Local Phone

Local Phone$0.00 per month

Phone service is included as a perk of cooperative membership.

Local phone service ($30.00/month)

Digital TV

Digital TV$0.00 per month
Basic ($27.95/month)
Choice ($67.95/month)
Premier ($79.95/month)

How many TVs do you have?

You’ll need a set top box for each TV. The first one is free, each one after that is $5.95/month.

Whole-Home DVR

Watch recorded programs from all connected TVs in your house.

Premium Channels

HBO ($17.95 per month)

STARZ Encore ($14.95 per month)

Cinemax ($14.95 per month)

Showtime ($14.95 per month)


Internet$0.00 per month

20Mbps download 3Mbps upload ($39.95/month)
50Mbps download 10Mbps upload ($49.95/month)
100Mbps download 50Mbps upload ($69.95/month)
250Mbps download 100Mbps upload ($99.95/month)
1000Mbps download 1000Mbps upload ($149.95/month)

TechHome Security
Protect your computer and mobile devices with anti-virus, online backup, and password protection from TechHome.

TechHome Protect
TechHome Protect Plus
TechHome Support

FiberFAST Wifi
Whole-home wifi coverage ensures you get wifi where you use it the most. $99 one-time installation fee plus $6.95 per month.

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Includes Customer Loyalty Discount which requires autopay and paperless billing

*Does not include taxes, governmental fees, or broadcast retransmission fee