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What kind of cell phone should I buy?

which cell phone should I buy

Android or Apple? Which is right for me?

It can be confusing when trying to decide which cell phone to purchase. Here are some questions to consider when purchasing a new cell phone…especially for a first time smart phone buyer:

Budget: How much can you afford to spend on a new phone?

iPhones typically cost over $500 for a brand new iPhone SE but Android phones offer a bigger variety in price point starting as low as a couple hundred dollars.

Experience: How experienced are you with technology and cell phones?

More advanced users might want a higher end device while more novice users would be wise to start with something on a lower scale. For novice users, many Android devices come with a “starter mode” option. When activated, it simplifies the interface for a new user. Once the user is comfortable with the device and if they decide they want the full features turned on, starter mode can be easily turned off in the devices settings.

Technology Type: What other types of devices do you already have in your home?

Apple devices communicate well with other Apple devices so if a user has an Apple TV, Mac computer or Apple router, it might be wise to look to the iPhone or iPad. If a user has a Chromebook then perhaps the best fit is the Google Pixel smart phone.

In the end it comes down to user preference but the infographic above¬†might help simplify the decision on “which smart phone should I buy”!

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