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How to program the remote with silver buttons (RF remote)?

how to program the RF remoteThis remote control is not limited to line of sight. It relies on an RF signal from it’s base that transmits to the remote control. This remote control is visibly different from our standard remote due to the silver buttons.

The remote comes with an RF adapter that plugs into the USB port on the back of your set top box. The adapter can then sit on top of the set top box or in front of it, depending on the space available.

To program the RF remote, plug in the RF adapter as shown below:

how to program the rf remote

Once the RF adapter is correctly plugged in, the light on the adapter will quickly blink green signally you are in set up mode. On the RF remote control (pictured to the left) press the small “Setup” button and the silver “Up” arrow button at the same time. Press and hold both buttons until the lights no longer blink. The green light on the RF adapter near your set top box should remain lit up green at all times.

If you have trouble programming your remote, simply unplug the adapter for 30 seconds and start the programming process all over.

If you are having problems with your RF remote working after it’s been previously set up, you should :

  • replace the remote control batteries
  • unplug the RF adapter from the set top box and after 30 seconds plug it back in (you may need to use the instructions above to reprogram it to your remote control).

The buttons on Red River Communications remotes are typically labelled as STB, not “cable” but in the image above the terms are interchangeable.

The “Setup” button is located at the very top of the remote to the right side of the “Watch TV” or “Watch Cable” button. The “STB” or “Cable” button is located in the row beneath, to the far right of the remote. 

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