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How do I update my iPhone?

Many times when an update is ready to install a pop up alert will notify you. Some helpful tips to keep in mind prior to updating your device:

  1. Back up your device in case something goes wrong during the update.
  2. Connect your device to a power source to ensure your device has enough batter power to complete the update.
  3. Connect your device to wi-fi to avoid data usage when downloading the update.
  4. Read EVERY screen before tapping a link so you’re aware of any new settings you’re establishing on your phone.
  5. Write down ALL passwords and passcodes entered during the update phase.

ios10-iphone7-settings-passcode-change-passcodeiOS 10 specific update: This update defaults users to establish a passcode (or password) for their device. If you didn’t previously use a passcode on your device, please read the installation screens carefully and tap the link to change your passcode settings to disable or turn off the passcode. This will prevent you from accidentally setting up a passcode on your device.

Visit Apple’s website to learn how to update the iOS software on your iPhone.

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