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I lost my phone, now what?

Help! I lost my cell phoneFor many of us, our cell phone is the hub of our world. It contains all our phone numbers, banking information, passwords, photos and so much more. Losing your phone can be expensive and put your important information at risk!

Don’t panic! If you’ve retraced your steps and searched for your phone with no luck, all is not lost. Follow these simple steps to protect your information and with some luck you’ll locate your device.

Call your cell phone.

If your phone isn’t on silent, you can try calling your phone and listen for the ring or vibration to locate it. If you don’t have access to another phone to place the call, you can go online a call placed to your phone for free at If someone else has your phone and they intend to return it, it’s likely they will answer the call.

Text your phone.

Maybe someone found your phone and wants to return it but didn’t answer the call you placed. You can text your phone with your contact number and offer a small reward. Red River cellular customers can send a text message of up to 140 characters from any email program to their cell phone number followed by the (ex:

Find your Android phone, tablet or Chromebook

If you’ve linked your phone to a Google account or have an Android based phone, tablet or Chromebook that uses the Google Play app store, you can visit or to locate your device on a map and secure it.

You can find more helpful tips for Android based devices at

Find your iPhone, iPad or Mac using iCloud

If your Apple device is set up with “Find my iPhone” then you can locate any Apple device, not just an iPhone, through iCloud. Visit on a computer and login with the same iCloud login that is used on the missing device. From iCloud you can:

  • view its last known location,
  • play a sound to locate the device,
  • put it in lost mode to temporarily lock it from further use or
  • remotely erase all the data from the device.

You can find more helpful tips for Apple devices at

Change passwords

Sign out of your device and change the passwords to all the accounts stored on the device such as email, social media, shopping, banking, credit monitoring, cloud storage, etc. This will prevent unauthorized access and charges to your accounts from the lost device since a new password will be required.

Notify your carrier

When all other options are exhausted and the device is still missing, you should notify your carrier. Red River Communications customers can have their service suspended or redirected to another device.

It’s easy to slip into a panic when you realize your phone is lost and someone could be racking up charges to your Amazon or credit card accounts. Keep these tips in mind and with any luck you will find your device.

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