Red River Wireless Internet

Red River Wireless Internet is a wireless high-speed internet service for rural residents in Richland and Wilkin counties who are outside of our telephone service area.

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How does Red River Wireless Internet work?

A radio tower transmits the internet signal wireless to a fixed-location wireless receiver that is installed outside of your home. Depending on location, the wireless receiver may be mounted on a pole or other elevated service.

The wireless receiver then connects to a router in your home, allowing your computers and other internet-enabled devices to receive internet access.


Wireless Internet Speeds and Prices


  • Ideal for: email, basic internet browsing
  • 1-2 users
  • Unlimited Usage. No caps or data limits!


  • Ideal for: email, basic internet browsing
  • 2-3 users
  • Unlimited Usage. No caps or data limits!


  • Ideal for: basic streaming video, email, internet browsing
  • 2-3 users
  • Unlimited Usage. No caps or data limits!

FREE INSTALLATION with a 2-year agreement!

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Supercharge Your Connection with Managed WIFI!

An old or underpowered Wi-Fi router will slow down your internet connection to a crawl. It can make videos constantly buffer and cause dropped connections all over your home. But, there’s a better way.

With our managed WIFI service, our trained technicians will OPTIMIZE your Wi-Fi where you need use it the most.

The best part? There’s no expensive equipment to buy or replace. We take care of everything.

Only $6.95 per month plus a $150 optimization fee.

Coverage Area

Our wireless internet coverage area is highlighted on the map in blue.

Actual service availability depends on topography, trees, and other obstructions. A site survey is needed to confirm service and speed availability.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much data do I get?

Unlimited! Really. Unlike cellular internet providers and hot spots, our wireless internet is unlimited usage. This can turn into huge savings if you use the internet to watch streaming video like Hulu or Netflix.

How do I get free installation?

Simply sign-up for a two-year agreement and we’ll waive the installation fees.

Certain conditions may waive free installation, such as a non-standard installation. For details, please contact our office and we will be happy to explain!

How does it work?

Our wireless internet network is made up of towers spread across Richland and Wilkin counties. A small antenna is placed on the outside of your home or business and is pointed towards these towers.

Then, you can pair it with your own wireless router or our Managed WI-FI service to get high-speed internet anywhere in your home or business.

Is it fast?

Our wireless internet service comes in several speeds, with speeds up to 8 megabit. That’s plenty of internet for watching HD video, downloading games, or just about anything else you can think of.

Do I have to buy additional equipment?

The antenna and equipment needed to interface with our wireless network is included in the prices listed above.

You may need a wireless router to connect your laptops, tablets, and other devices. This depends on your network configuration. Please contact us if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help!

How do I know if I can get Red River Wireless Internet?

There are a number of factors (distance, trees, elevation) that determine if you can get our service. Our technicians will perform a site survey before installation to ensure that your location can receive an optimum signal. There is no charge for this site survey.

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